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Bari Barsi Shazia Manzoor Free

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Bari Barsi Shazia Manzoor: A Punjabi Wedding Song to Celebrate Love

Bari Barsi Shazia Manzoor is a popular Punjabi wedding song that is sung by the famous singer Shazia Manzoor. The song is based on a traditional folk rhyme that expresses the joy of meeting one's beloved after a long time. The song has been featured in many wedding ceremonies and sangeet events, as it has a high-energy and festive vibe that suits the occasion.

The song starts with the words "Bari barsi khatan gaya si, khat ke leyandi tuggi" which means "I went away for twelve years, and brought a damsel with me". The singer then goes on to describe the various gifts and compliments that she received from her lover's family and friends. The song also has some humorous elements, such as when the singer says that she got a gold ring from her lover's aunt, but it turned out to be fake.

The song has a catchy tune and a lively rhythm that makes it easy to dance along. The song also showcases the rich culture and traditions of Punjab, as it mentions various items and customs that are associated with weddings. For example, the song mentions "mehndi", which is a paste made from henna leaves that is applied on the hands and feet of the bride and groom. The song also mentions "tappay mahiya", which are verses of poetry that are sung by the bride and groom's families to tease each other.

Bari Barsi Shazia Manzoor is a song that celebrates love, happiness, and unity. It is a song that brings people together and makes them enjoy the moment. It is a song that reflects the spirit of Punjab and its people.Shazia Manzoor: A Versatile and Talented Singer

Shazia Manzoor is not only a singer of Punjabi wedding songs, but also a versatile and talented singer who has sung for various genres and platforms. She has been active in the music industry since 1992, and has released several albums and singles. She has also collaborated with other artists, such as Bally Jagpal, Aman Hayer, Sukshinder Shinda, and Zakir Amanat. She has also been a playback singer for films, such as Pal Do Pal, Ishq Khuda, and Choorian.

Shazia Manzoor was born in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. She was trained in music by Ustad Feroz of Gwalior gharana. She started her singing career by performing at college shows in Rawalpindi. She was introduced to the public by the popular comedian Umer Shareef in 1992. She gained fame and recognition for her song "Chann Mere Makhna", which became a hit among the Punjabi diaspora. She is also known for her songs "Aaja Sohniya", "Mahi Aavega", "Dhol Mahia", and "Akh Da Nasha".

Shazia Manzoor is a popular singer in Pakistan and India, and has performed at various events and shows. She has also performed at the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in London, and at some charity concerts after the 2010 Pakistan floods. She was a featured artist for Coke Studio (Pakistan) Season 8 in 2015, where she sang the Awadhi wedding song "Hare Hare Bans" along with Ustad Rizwan and Ustad Muazzam. She has received two Nigar Awards in 1996 and 1998 for her singing. aa16f39245

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