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Nav N Go IGO

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Nav N Go IGO A Comprehensive Guide

Nav N Go IGO is a GPS navigation software for Windows Mobile and WinCE devices that features stunning 3D navigation with outstanding graphics of buildings, landmarks, and entire cities. It was released in May 2010 and extracted from NavGear PNA device. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to install, use, and customize this software.

How to Install Nav N Go IGO

To install Nav N Go IGO, you will need a Windows Mobile or WinCE device with a 300 MHz processor, 64 MB memory, QVGA or VGA touch screen display, and an SD card. You will also need to download the software archive from this link: ... 0.rar.html. Here are the steps to follow:

Create a folder on the SD card.

Unrar the content of the archive to your SD card into the newly created folder.

Add map, building, etc. files for the content.

Run iGO8 as usual, either directly from File Explorer or create a shortcut to Programs menu using i.e. Total Commander CE.

Note: Please remove any other licenses present in your license folder as this release won't recognize them! Also only PNA (320x240 and 480x272) resolutions are included this time. For backwards compatibility with other resolutions you can still use from older versions loosing however features introduced in this version.

How to Use Nav N Go IGO

Nav N Go IGO is a user-friendly and intuitive software that allows you to navigate on the map, select your destination, plan your route, and get visual and voice guidance along the way. You can also customize various settings and features according to your preferences and needs. Here are some of the main functions and options you can use:

Getting started: You can access the main menu by tapping the screen anywhere or pressing the hardware button assigned to iGO primo if available on your device. You can also use keyboards, gestures, and quick menu to enter data and control the software.

Navigating on the map: You can view the map in different modes (2D or 3D), zoom levels (smart zoom or manual zoom), and color themes (daytime or night). You can also see various objects on the map such as streets, roads, turn preview, next street, lane information, signposts, junction view, 3D object types, elements of the active route, and traffic events.

Selecting the destination: You can select your destination from various sources such as address, place of interest (POI), map location, favorites, smart history (most likely destinations), history (recent destinations), or create route (list of destinations).

Planning the route: You can plan your route according to different criteria such as vehicle type (car, truck, pedestrian, etc.), road types (toll roads, ferries, highways, etc.), route alternatives (fastest, shortest, economical, etc.), traffic information (stored or online), and waypoints (intermediate destinations).

Following the route: You can follow the route with visual and voice guidance that show you the distance and time to destination, current speed and speed limit, road safety cameras and other proximity alert points, battery and GPS position quality indicators.

Editing the route: You can edit your route by selecting a new destination (new route, waypoint or final destination), setting a new starting position for the route (simulate navigation), editing the list of destinations (add, delete or reorder), pausing or cancelling the active route.

How to Customize Nav N Go IGO

Nav N Go IGO allows you to customize various settings and 061ffe29dd

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