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Bosch 1581 Vs Jig Saw Manual

Bosch 1581 Vs Jig Saw Manual >>>>>

Bosch 1581 Vs Jig Saw Manual

Is the T-shank blade the only option for my jig saw If so, then I guess I'm gonna have to try to find the "T-shank handle." Surely if I have a handle that says "T" and a T-shank blade then I must have an old Bosch I mean, I know I've had this tool for 12 years. Why was my original jigsaw with a U-shank blade if it was made in 2006 If so, well, it's time to get a different tool. This Bosch looks like it would be too hard to do. I'm now considering a Hitachi instead and open to suggestions. Just don't ask me to wrap a jigsaw blade. I don't know what I'd do.

It's odd that I bought a jigsaw in '98 and all the ones I've bought since are store to store ones (new stores have decent tools but no jigsaws). The old ones are no longer carried and I assume they're sitting in a wood shop somewhere. What's up with that I guess I just have to figure out what kind of jigsaw to get. I have a cheap one, one with a garden motor, one with a cordless option, and one with an individual 120v outlet. I have an idea of what I want, but what kind I'm sure there's some sort of switch for the "handy" saws as there's a switch to limit the power in the cordless jigsaws. d2c66b5586

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