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Mf 100 Hsdpa Usb Stick Model Mf 100

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Mf 100 Hsdpa Usb Stick Model Mf 100

How to Install and Use ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB Modem

If you are looking for a fast and reliable way to connect to the internet on your laptop or PC, you might want to consider using a ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem. This device is a 3G dongle that supports high-speed data transmission up to 3.6 Mbps. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10 operating systems, and it can also work with Linux and Mac OS X with some additional drivers.

In this article, we will show you how to install and use the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem on your computer. We will also provide some tips and troubleshooting advice in case you encounter any problems.

How to Install the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB Modem

The installation process of the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem is very simple and straightforward. You just need to follow these steps:

Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot on the side of the modem. Make sure the SIM card is activated and has enough balance or data plan.

Plug the modem into a USB port on your computer. The modem will automatically detect the network and install the necessary drivers and software.

Wait for a few minutes until the installation is complete. You will see a shortcut icon on your desktop or taskbar for the MF100 HSDPA EDGE USB MODEM application.

Double-click on the shortcut icon to launch the application. You will see a user interface that shows the signal strength, network type, connection status, and data usage.

Click on the Connect button to start browsing the internet. You can also change the settings, such as APN, PIN code, network mode, etc., by clicking on the Tools menu.

How to Use the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB Modem

Once you have installed and connected the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem, you can use it as a normal internet connection on your computer. You can access any website, download files, stream videos, send emails, etc., as long as you have enough data or balance on your SIM card.

Some tips and tricks for using the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem are:

To check your data usage, click on the Statistics button on the application interface. You can see how much data you have used in the current session, day, month, or year.

To improve your signal quality and speed, try to place the modem near a window or in an open area. Avoid any obstacles or interference sources that might affect the network reception.

To update your drivers or software, visit the official website of ZTE at and download the latest version of MF100 HSDPA EDGE USB MODEM. You can also contact their customer service for any technical support or queries.

To uninstall the modem from your computer, simply unplug it from the USB port and delete the shortcut icon and folder from your desktop or program files.


The ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem is a convenient and affordable device that allows you to enjoy high-speed internet access on your laptop or PC. It is easy to install and use, and it supports various operating systems and networks. However, you should also be aware of some potential issues, such as data consumption, signal quality, compatibility, etc., that might affect your user experience.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about how to install and use the ZTE MF100 HSDPA USB modem. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. 061ffe29dd

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