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I already mentioned this but it is true, especially in Scandinavia. Countries that have subtitles for the English-language television programs, usually have a higher level of spoken English than countries that dub everything. To have the opportunity to listen to spoken English helps both pronunciation and listening comprehension. So there you go! I really think that movies and music in English are a key factor to Scandinavians having a higher level of the language than some other countries (where movies are usually dubbed). It is not the only reason, but exposure to a language is really important.

Great post lykke! I wanna learn italian, but I have trouble finding english movies with italian subtitles and italian movies with italian subtitles. There are a few italian movies on Netflix where you can put Danish subtitles on, but the speak so fast:). Any help is very much appreciated!

As all of the film's footage was shot MOS (i.e. without recording sound at the time of shooting), Eastwood and Van Cleef returned to Italy where they dubbed over their dialogue, and sound effects were added.[11] Although it is explicitly stated in the movie that the Colonel Mortimer character is originally from the Carolinas, Van Cleef opted to perform his dialogue using his native New Jersey accent rather than a Southern accent.[12][full citation needed]

This past holiday season, moviegoers at Regal Cinemas and Cinemark Theatres nationwide had the opportunity to hear Moana belt out her empowering songs in Spanish and listen to Passengers converse about their viaje intergaláctico. Rogue One and Office Christmas Party were additional titles with dubbed soundtracks available via a synchronized smart-phone app for iPhone and Android. Beauty and the Beast, Life and Power Rangers had been added to the lineup at press time.

The BitTorrent protocol splits a file into smaller chunks. When you torrent a movie, you download these chunks until you have the whole file on your computer. You also share the chunks you already have with other downloaders. This means that when you torrent a movie, you also share it with others.

When you browse the internet or torrent movies with a VPN, the remote server sees the VPN's IP address, not yours. This means that copyright lawyers cannot see your IP address. They can't easily trace illegal downloads back to you. Using a VPN makes torrenting much safer.

The header above has nothing to do with what I am about to write, but I just had to get that out now. Actually, it does make a good lead-in to a brief background on the "Heavy Metal" reference in the title -- for those not in the know (and many of us aren't), Heavy Metal is an adult sci-fi/fantasy comic magazine started in the glorious age of the politically incorrect seventies. It became quite a cult hit -- enough to approve funding for the raunchy 1981 animated movie based on stories from the magazines, a sort of westernized anime full of aliens, action and "naked chicks." Roll on the new century, and Heavy Metal has already met a strong revival with its recent home video/DVD release; now a new Heavy Metal movie has just been completed (dubbed "Heavy Metal 2000") based on the F.A.K.K.2 stories and this game is all part of the franchise. Quick fact: The lead character was inspired by B-movie actress/Penthouse playmate, Julie Strain. Is any of this sordid background necessary knowledge to play the game Well, no, but at least now you know why the heroine chooses to reveal so much flesh.

If you're watching television, it doesn't matter if the characters are drug-smuggling, whore-mongering, granny-beating, world-destroying murderers: the illegal downloading of movies and music is guaranteed to morally offend them. Any good character who doesn't fall in with this philosophy will learn their lesson by the end of the episode. Expect physical theft to be used as a comparison and/or a plot point.

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