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Antonie Iorgovan Tratat De Drept Administrativ Pdf Free ((TOP))

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Antonie Iorgovan Tratat De Drept Administrativ Pdf Free ((TOP))

Tratat de drept administrativ by Antonie Iorgovan: A Comprehensive Guide to Romanian Administrative Law

Antonie Iorgovan was a Romanian jurist, professor and senator who wrote a two-volume treatise on administrative law, titled Tratat de drept administrativ. The first volume was published in 2001 and the second in 2005. The treatise covers the general principles, the organization and functioning of the public administration, the public function, the public domain and service, the liability and the judicial review of administrative acts.

Administrative law is the branch of law that regulates the relations between the state administration and other state organs, as well as between the administration and the citizens. It also establishes the rules for the organization and operation of the administration, its powers and duties, its control and accountability mechanisms, and its remedies for unlawful or improper actions.

The treatise by Iorgovan is considered one of the most authoritative and comprehensive works on Romanian administrative law. It is based on both theoretical and practical sources, such as legislation, jurisprudence, doctrine and comparative law. It is written in a clear and accessible style, with numerous examples and references. It is a valuable resource for students, scholars, practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about the Romanian public administration system.

The treatise is available in PDF format for free download from Open Library, a project of the Internet Archive that provides access to millions of books online.Some of the main topics covered by Iorgovan in his treatise are:

The concept and sources of administrative law, its evolution and development, its relation to other branches of law and to the constitutional framework.

The principles of administrative law, such as legality, proportionality, impartiality, transparency, accountability, good administration and protection of human rights.

The structure and functions of the public administration, its central and local levels, its specialized and autonomous bodies, its relations with other state powers and with the civil society.

The public function, its legal regime and categories, the rights and obligations of public servants, their recruitment, training, evaluation and discipline.

The public domain and service, their definition and classification, their legal regime and management, their modes of creation, modification and extinction.

The administrative acts, their definition and types, their elements and validity conditions, their effects and execution, their control and annulment.

The administrative contracts, their definition and characteristics, their formation and performance, their termination and enforcement.

The administrative liability, its grounds and forms, its subjects and objects, its sanctions and remedies.

The administrative litigation, its definition and scope, its jurisdiction and competence, its procedure and stages, its parties and evidence.

The treatise also includes an extensive bibliography, a table of contents, a table of abbreviations, a table of legislation and a table of cases. It is divided into chapters, sections and subsections for easy navigation. It is updated with the latest changes in the Romanian legal system and reflects the current state of affairs in the field of administrative law. 061ffe29dd

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