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Torrent 10 Rillington Place

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This sinister and chilling true-life story of one of Britain's most infamous serial killers might well be the British answer to PSYCHO - except it's an entirely different beast of a film. Hitchcock's movie still has a layer of Hollywood gloss to it, a cleanliness that excludes any sleazy atmosphere, but 10 RILLINGTON PLACE is so realistic that it feels almost like a documentary. Made on a low budget, focusing on the facts of the story rather than gross sensationalism, this is an utterly chilling film that ably depicts the true face of evil: banality.Christie is a boring, grubby little man, completely bald and with thick glasses. His appearance must have inspired the makeup artists on later schlocker THE LOVE BUTCHER. He's polite, intelligent and the kind of character who fades into the background, instantly forgettable, but this gave him the perfect cover for his heinous crimes. The fact that he got away with the murders so long is what makes this film so chilling - that, and one of history's most terrible miscarriages of justice. There are only a couple of non-explicit murder scenes here, so although the sexual act is hinted at, we never actually see it take place - thank goodness. The movie's disturbing enough as it is without it.Aside from a literate script and a slow, steady pacing that gradually keeps you enthralled, this film boasts fine direction from Richard Fleischer (FANTASTIC VOYAGE) and a couple of terrific performances. The first comes from Richard Attenborough, essaying the role of Christie and making it the performance of a career. He's utterly chilling and completely nails this repulsive character. Secondly there's a youthful John Hurt in a stand-out performance as a simpleton who unwittingly gets involved in the crimes. Hurt plays his pitiable character with gusto and his cries of "It was Christie what done it! Christie!" still reverberate around my head even now. Judy Geeson steals her scenes as a beautiful young potential victim. 10 RILLINGTON PLACE is one of the best serial killer films ever made, but the grim and utterly depressing subject matter mean that it's a film I can't watch very often. It captures a sense of despair and hopelessness for human kind like nothing else. 1e1e36bf2d

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