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Software Calcolo Solaio Travetti Precompressi

Software Calcolo Solaio Travetti Precompressi

Software Calcolo Solaio Travetti Precompressi

Buses shall be three exhaust low-muffler designed for use in the medium to heavy-duty range. All effectors shall be flush mounted to door jambs or other flush surfaces using a welded construction. All work shall be in accordance with the State Fire Marshal’s requirements for entryways, as may be necessary to permit the fireproofing to be installed.

Metal penetration-resistant windows shall be used. Penetration-resistant windows are those that are rated at least a Class 25, with a barrier rating higher than or equal to 25, or, with a clear vinyl or glass or acrylic barrier rating higher than or equal to 25. All penetrations shall be installed with qualified glazing installers, who shall be responsible for qualifications of window units, and who shall install penetrations that conform to the requirements of this Standard. Windows shall not be the same as the penetration-resistant window in finish, both liquid and gas rains, or in hue color or be painted or finished otherwise. Unless otherwise certified as a penetration resistant, or, subject to the fireproofing installation experiences of the said installation, wood construction windows will not be credited with the barrier-rated window class.

Windows shall support corrosion resistant and other weather proofing systems as required. In order to prevent the penetration of moisture, penetration resistant windows shall be ventilated either by having air circulating externally, or, by a heated face glass. Penetration resistant window unit shall not be installed in locations where rain, snow, or moisture passes through the unit as a result of either design or external venting. Penetration resistant weather proofing systems shall be removed when not in use. Penetration resistant windows shall not be vented externally.

An approved low-voltage disconnect switch shall be provided at the main breaker panel. The disconnect switch will be in a readily accessible location and shall be manually controlled. The panel marking and characteristics of the disconnect shall be in accordance with ANSI Z84.1 and BS PAS 1655-1. d2c66b5586

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