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coded as 80180 for this study, he is an autistic boy with severe physical disabilities such as low-set ears, club feet, and poor motor coordination. he was not in public school because his functional living skills, such as dressing and feeding himself, were of little use. although generally he had mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, he was able to walk and talk and had a sense of humor. he communicated by writing in his own hand language using distinct symbols. his early development was typical until about age two, when he became unusually inactive, mute, and stood continuously. he began to move less and less; his motor skills were poor. shortly after his third birthday, he lost the ability to walk and talk. about that time he began making clear short hand gestures, pointing, and moving his eyes as if to follow an image of something moving in the distance. he seemed to be aware that he needed help in eating, dressing, and toileting.

jay inouye, m.d. has been first in the army for over twenty years. after finishing his career as a captain, he went to medical school, and was chief of staff at the va after graduation. and he was awarded a medical specialist degree in orthopedics.

as a toddler, his speech was delayed, and after family's persistent attempts at conversation, the doctor began to teach him simple sentences and eventually to read. my mother saw some kind of "message" in his hand gestures, and wondered whether he was'spoiling' the family with his intuition. other family members noticed that he had some sort of unusual understanding of technology and computers. often, his parents would have to explain to him what they were trying to do on the computer. he would refuse to use the computer, or would drag and drag on it. 3d9ccd7d82

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